5 Skills That Give You Wings

Things successful entrepreneurs know that give them an edge.

Mike Treanor
14 min readMay 23, 2019


Your mindset is the secret that wins the game.

1. Start!

You already have training, experience, education, and a very good plan. What else do you need? Nothing! Realizing that is the first skill.

To start your journey, hatch your plan, or open the doors of your business, you do not need any more than you have right now. You are a complete person. You have the assets to start … and starting is the most important step.

The longer you ‘plan,’ the more you will add to your list of ‘things you need to get started.’ As that list gets longer, and you see what you don’t have, you are less and less likely to start. That list is a mirage created by people who are afraid to take a chance. We never have all the answers, but we know enough to start.

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

Let me go further: you are going to take a chance. You are going to risk something … money … time … position in your former company … something. You are going to take a risk. It might not work. You might fail. Thinking about it longer and wishing you had some random things on a list isn’t going to change any part of that.

That list is there to keep you safe. These negative ‘lists of things I don’t have’ ideas were created by fearful people who want to hide and remain safe, but do not want to look or feel like they are hiding.

People who are planning on taking a chance are not going to be safe.

We are casting off and setting sail for uncharted waters. It is an adventure. It is great. It will not work out as you planned, I promise you that. So why spend time wishing that list was shorter?

If you had anything else to help you along, you would use it. You are going to give this everything you’ve got! So that list is as meaningless as a list of reasons why the sky isn’t green. If you are going to do this, do your best. That is all you can offer, anyway.



Mike Treanor

Mike is a software developer, chemist, motivational speaker, parent, and musician who writes about creativity and human nature.